Day 153: Merry Christmas!


We enjoyed a crazy, chaotic Christmas at home today and here are the remains! The kids were thrilled with their gifts from Santa and family and friends. We were all definitely spoiled and thank Mom and Dad, April and Steve, Nate and Becky, Michele and Jason, Brenda and Sonny, Julie and Ted, Patti and Brian, Patti Beth and Chris, Pat and Chuck, and Grandparent Hughes for all your gifts, and most especially for thinking of us.  

We enjoyed being woken up early (yeah, right!) by our eager little one, and stayed in our jammies all day.  Jeff spent hours trying to help them set up their new electronic devices. Thank God, for him. It was nice to have a day without an agenda. We took a ride later in the afternoon to see some nearby towns such as Vinkeveen, Abcoude, and Uithoorn and to see the countryside before coming back home for an interesting dinner. We bought what we thought was a smoked pork roast, however it had somewhat of an odd flavoring of cloves and spices that none of us really liked. At least the roasted brussel sprouts with bacon and the pan fried potatoes were tasty!! Luckily no one came over for dinner tonight, otherwise we would have had to throw in a pizza at the last minute!!

Thank you Laurie for calling me and catching up. April and Steve and J & S, I loved seeing you in your jammies too and watching your excitement on Facetime while you opened up the little dutch treats we sent. Thank you Kimmy for letting me see my nieces too – I loved watching G dance to her new game, and K’s long hair, and T’s joyful spirit. Mom and Dad – thanks for calling too. 

We wish you a Merry Christmas, filled with joy and hope, magic and love, anticipation and excitement.  xoxo




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