Day 138: Rituals

I was driving today and inserted this cool little RITUALS air freshener into my air vent. Patti Beth gave it to me as a hostess gift and I just loved the whole idea of it. It made me think of my daily rituals and what your daily rituals might be like.

First, isn’t it such a nice gesture to bring a hostess a gift to thank her for inviting you to her home? Not that she needs a gift nor does it have to be something extravagant, but it’s such a nice little ritual, don’t you think? The Dutch are very good at bringing flowers when they come to your house for a visit. I love this ritual, don’t you?

Another ritual I am loving right now is playing cards with my mama. She just got back from a trip to Italy and I’ve missed playing cards with her. I’ve been buying her cards from the different cities we visit and this deck was from our Rome trip together. I love her hands and her charm bracelet. But her beating me all the time, that’s getting old!

What are some of your favorite rituals? Do you send out holiday cards – either before or after the new Year or not at all? I love this ritual and hope to get ours out this year. And I’m loving receiving your cards too! Thanks, my friends!!

One thought on “Day 138: Rituals

  1. I’d love to hear what card games you and your mom play. (BTW, please tell her hello from me!) Pat and I have started a ritual in the past year or so, we walk the dog every night after dinner. It is a good opportunity to have some “us” time. I’m sure there are others, but that’s the one that I think of right now. I’m missing you all especially at this holiday time, but I know you’re happy and making new memories with your family. Thanks (again) for sharing your adventures with us. Love, Kris

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