Day 124: Dinner with Arti


We had a wonderful evening out with family, Loes and Ton. We met at their house in Amsterdam and drove over to the Arti Amicitae for dinner. Actually, 4 of us drove with Ton, and Loes rode her bike and beat us there.

The place for dinner was so appropriate. The Arti Amicitae is a private club/ society that was established in 1839 to allow artists and friends of the arts to meet and share their passion. Today the club has 550 artists as members and twice that in art loving members. It’s a beautiful and historical building.

I thought that it was special that they took us there as we first met at their house and admired the artwork from her family. Loes is a painter, her sister is a sculptor and artist and teaches the arts, her mom was a talented painter, and her daughter is a writer. We sat and shared stories from our life, and connections from our family history. I’ll share just one connection – Loes’ mom’s father is my step-great Opa, who I always considered just my Great Opa. There was no distinction that we were not blood related. His name was Christiaan Maarsman and he died when I was pregnant with our first born child, who we named after Him. However, in America, we didn’t think the people could pronounce his name properly so we gave him a more American spelling and pronunciation and called him Christian. Loes’ Opa and my Great Opa was the sweetest man, and aged so gracefully and peacefully. I admired him so much and am thankful for this connection.

We had not seen Loes and Ton in 14 years, yet we picked up where we left off. It is so nice to spend time with interesting people who are kind, passionate and generous! Thanks for dinner and the great conversation, friends!! Can’t wait to see you again.


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