Day 121: My 100th Fan!!

I want y’all to meet my 100th blog follower – an amazing, inspiring, strong, beautiful woman – Shannon Reedy Olson. I am so excited that you are enjoying my story and are a part of this wild adventure!  I love that all 103 of you are reading and sharing along with me – because life is so much sweeter with friends.

Shannon and I have been friends since she was born.  Her family lives next door to my family in Thousand Oaks. My mom is her God-mother.  Her sister is also a good friend of mine and lives close to our home in Sunnyvale. And her Grandmother is a role model to all of us, having traveled and worked in Saudi Arabia on her own. Her mom is the sweetest neighbor and friend too. And those are just the women of the family!  Our families are so intertwined and connected and it’s such a good thing to have friends you adopt as family!


I’ve always admired Shannon for her determination and willingness to try new things. She sets her mind to something and goes after it. She always has a glowing smile and lots of love to share with everyone and is so sincere. The coolest thing is how much she loves her family, but that’s not even half of it. She is a mom of two beautiful girls, a loving wife, and works full time as a fire fighter. How sexy is that?  


A strong, beautiful woman who has made it in a male dominated profession and has proved herself worthy and fit to provide outstanding public service. She loves her job with a passion. And anyone who does what they love, should be admired.  

Way to go, Shannon!! I admire you!! Way to live your life to the fullest and to celebrate it with glamour and style!  I love you




5 thoughts on “Day 121: My 100th Fan!!

  1. She IS one amazing woman from one amazing family…most of which I got the pleasure of having a cocktail with this afternoon!!! Don’t hate cause you ain’t! 🙂 I am so stoked that you got to promote her as your 100th blogger!!! I know she’s a firewoman and a pun totally intended… she’s definitely one HOT mama!!!
    Congrats on your 100th blogger and on having such wonderful and life-long friends. May everyone be as blessed!!!
    Xo, K.

  2. Wow Adrianna! Very few people get to read such an amazing article about themselves. Thank you so much for all of your kind words. I will hold this in my heart forever.
    I am so excited to become a member of your blog. First thing I will do is start at the begining so I don’t miss a moment of your adventure. I am so envious of you that you get to live in such an amazing place for a short time. I know you miss your home and family, but how cool is it to get to experience your year or two of living abroad! I hope that one day in my life I will get to do the same. Say hi to your mom and dad for me. I miss being able to stop by their house when I visit TO. I love you guys!

    • Hmm, I am writing this from my moms computer and I am not all that savvy at blogging, so just to let you know, this is Shannon that is commenting. 🙂

  3. I am so glad that you have Shannon as your 100th. fan. She is one beautiful woman inside and out. She has conquered many obstacles in her personal, and professional life. Her smile is contagious, and she is a joy to all who come in contact with her. I am so proud she is my God-Daughter and my friend.

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