Day 113: Being Still

This is what my morning looked like. Foggy and still.

Yesterday Jeff and I had to sit in a quiet airport, in an empty restaurant seating area that was closed with the lights off. We sat there for 3 hours. Foggy heads from being tired and still.

But the funny thing is, we weren’t bored. We didn’t really care, except that we really wanted to be home. We were thankful to be together and away from protestors. We were thankful that our flight wasn’t cancelled and that we had food and water, even if it was from McDonalds!!


And the funniest part was that Jeff agreed to play cards with me. If you know my husband, he hates playing cards or any games for that matter and I’m always begging him to play with me. So he agreed and that made me giddy and laugh which made him smile. But the funniest part was that when I brought out the new deck of cards from Madrid that I had bought as a gift for my mom and dad (we play cards every day) – the deck of cards only had 48 cards!! There weren’t any Queens!! What’s up with that? So Jeff got out of playing cards with me, but still won because he even agreed to play in the first place. That made me happy. Instead we played tic tac toe and another dot game. He’s not so bad!! I’ll keep him.

We were thankful that the plane took off as planned and that we got home earlier than expected.

The thing I learned after traveling to Italy, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Spain, and the Netherlands in a period of less than a month is that it’s tiring to travel!! ;-). I also learned that I’ll find joy wherever I go, even if its just sitting in the airport waiting for time to pass.

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