Day 103: Hugs

Have you ever had someone hug you and you could just feel the love oozing from their being?

Have you ever had someone look at you with love pouring from their eyes where they really look at you and see you?  Oh my gosh, this is the best feeling and I got this from my Tante Do.


This is Tante Do and I at Dorine and Nadja’s house, celebrating Dorine’s birthday.

We were at Dorine’s house today to celebrate her birthday, and her mom was there too – my Tante Do. Well, actually she’s my mom’s Aunt, or Tante as they say in Dutch, but she’s always been Tante Do to me too. Every time I see Tante Do, she stops to look at me and to really see me. She smiles and stares in a sweet way that seems so thrilled that I’m there. She grabs both of my arms and pulls me close to give me the traditional three Dutch kisses on the cheeks, left side, right side, and then left again. And then she looks at me again, and then gives me a big hug, like she’s soaking me in and can’t get enough.  

Later during the evening, I went to sit by her on the couch, and again she reached out with her eyes, smiling with them, and reached for my hands with both of hers, as she told me stories about how she still rides her bike, and how she’s excited to travel to Thailand and Paris and Amsterdam. She continued to tell me how she rides her bike everyday and asked me questions about my family and how I like life in Holland. She seemed so thrilled for me and truly happy that I was happy. She also was so proud too, of herself and of me and her family and she just had this amazing smile and peace to her, that I loved seeing and experiencing.

I want to be like her when I grow up. She lives on her own, as her husband died 10 years ago tonight. She is fit and beautiful and sweet and loving, and is traveling the world still, in her 80s. While we were together, she snuck away to Skype with her 90 year old sister who lives in Redwood City. She was so happy to be able to see her and she shared how they will chat on Skype again next month on her birthday. She also talked about her plans to travel to America again next year. I love how she loves others and how she expresses herself, and is full of adventure and spunk. 

The next time I see you, be careful… I might just really look you in the eyes, kiss you three times and then really hug you, like Tante Do!!  xo

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