Day 95: Last Day in Italy

20121028-171244.jpgWe got very lucky this morning and were able to see the Statue of David without having to wait in line. Maybe the rain helped, along with the time change and being in line at 9:15 am!!

You’re not allowed to take pictures in the museum, but I was able to take a photo from the bookstore of a modern, Andy Warhol-like, colorful version outside in the courtyard.
We marveled at the original 14 foot high version situated under a renaissance style dome. We noticed the size of his head and hands, his eyes, the veins in his hands, and his tight hiney! We noticed how smooth the marble was, especially when we compared this finished piece to the unfinished prisoner pieces leading up to David. We imagined being Michaelangelo and the amount of patience he must have had working on David for 3 years. The statue is 504 years old and is still stunning.

The weather turned cold and was very rainy! We found a great restaurant for our last lunch in Italy and everyone enjoyed their pasta, pizza, eggplant parmigiana, pork chop and potatoes!
We had a very busy few days and I think we’re all ready to head home…just in time for volleyball games and Halloween!!

2 thoughts on “Day 95: Last Day in Italy

  1. Wish I had been home last week and knew you were going to Italy. I could have given you this little bit of interesting information about Michael Angelo. Michael Angelo believed that the figures were already held within the marble stone. He felt all he did was release them with his carving. Sometimes he would leave a stone sculpture partially finished on the front but with varying degrees of unfinished along the sides and back because he felt he had already released the image. In one of the gallery hallways dedicated to Michael Angelo, there are rows of these partially finished works. The really fun part to know is that instead of carving his name on one of the pieces of sculpture, he “signed” one of these incomplete works by carving a very small image of himself on the back of the piece of stone. It looked like a small carved picture. I saw this myself the last time I chaperoned a student group to Europe. The reason The David has his hand holding something slung over his shoulder is because there was a flaw in the marble and keeping the hand/arm connected to the body of the sculpture was necessary or it would break off. I can not remember why the proportions of the hands to the body are out of balance but I am sure Mr. Angelo had a reason. When I was there last, I kept staring at the statue and marveling at how something could appear so real but yet be carved out of marble. I thought if I looked hard enough I might catch The David breathing. The David and Michael Angelo’s Pieta in the Vatican are my favorites! To get the statue of The David, (it had been displayed outside for years), into the Accademia (sp?), they had to remove the entire wall of the gallery then rebuild the gallery room to accommodate The David. In one of the plazas near by there is a copy of The David, as well as a couple of other sculptures. These sculptures do not appear to be carved from marble and many people think they are the originals but they are not. So glad you and your family were able to see such a fantastic piece of art. Rosaine

    • Rosaine – it was pretty amazing! They say that his hands and head were bigger because originally the statue was supposed to be on the roofline of the Duomo. I didn’t know about his portrait/signature. Thanks for sharing and posting!! xo

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