Day 94: Florence


We are in Florence today, the place known for the Renaissance and rebirth and “humanism.” I didn’t even have to step off the train to feel “it.”

We took the train from Rome to Florence and had such a pleasant trip. We sat by a great family and shared snacks and toys and conversation. The mother was a Muslim woman, from London, who just relocated to Rome. She is an expat just like me. She was traveling with her two kids and two guinea pigs and husband. She had just celebrated Eid late into the evening last night and was tired. We talked about her holy celebration, helping our children to settle into new locations and finding ways to help them feel comfortable. We talked about religion and peer pressure and discrimination. Our families played together and switched seats to be near one another. We hugged each other when we departed and I think we both felt a connection, even though we didn’t even share our names. There was a human connection, and understanding of what it’s like to be a mother, to raise children with manners and respect and religion and kindness and love, and to show them the world.

Even though we practice different faiths, and dressed very differently, I felt the same way she did. I felt her spirit and kindness and wish more people were like her. And I wish I knew her name. Namaste.







2 thoughts on “Day 94: Florence

  1. What a great story! It is a good reminder that no matter how significant our outward differences, we have so much in common with those we pass every day. What a great, unexpected connection to have made.

    • It was a remarkable connection, and you are so right! We are more alike then we are different. When I said goodbye to her husband ( who could not shake my hand because of his faith), I said to him, “You have a wonderful wife!” He smiled and shook his head, and said, “I know” and smiled a humble smile, looking down. He just put a bow on top of my gift. I love when a man loves his wife. 😉

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