Day 92: Best Part of the Day

This morning I left Jeff back at the hotel with Christian and Juliana, as all three of them were still not feeling well. I had downloaded a TripAdvisor city guide for Rome on my phone and picked a destination to go see that wasn’t mentioned in the Rick Steve’s guide to Rome. I took my parents and Charlie out for a stroll and had such a great time wandering around Rome, and discovering new areas together.

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel to collect the rest of the family, as we scheduled a private tour of the colosseum, Palatine hill and the Roman Forum. The tour was absolutely amazing! Thanks to Michelle and Greg for sharing their contact with us. If you’re ever in Italy, look up Bruno! He’s worth every penny… So smart and passionate and knowledgable and great with the kids! He kept us interested and entertained for 3 hours! Thank goodness everyone survived (with a few potty breaks and complaints, but hey… We’re in ROME!!)

Afterwards, we went to dinner across the river at Roma Sparita in Trastavere. We had read about it and were able to decipher the place from an Anthony Bourdain episode. Bruno also mentioned it as one of his top restaurants. They are known for a simple pasta dish made from Sheeps milk and pepper, served in a Parmesan crisp bowl, called Cassio & pepe.

It was delicious! Pino was a friendly server. The “only” way to get a table was to have a reservation or to be Italian!! When tourists showed up, they were sent away. When the pretty Italian girl showed up, they found a way to seat her party in 30 minutes!!

Jeff asked me what the best part of my day was, and actually my favorite part was people watching, and especially watching my own kids and family. For some reason I like to watch their reactions to what we see, eat, and do!

Charlie has been especially cute and fun and funny this trip and I really enjoyed watching his excitement and making friends with the tour guide and racing after his brother. I liked hearing what he thought of Italy. I liked watching all three kids sit on the subway together. I liked watching my mom walk 20 feet in front of us because she’s fast like that! And my dad was usually 20 feet behind someplace. And I was in the middle, making sure everyone stayed connected. I liked watching Jeff take pictures with our new Lytro camera and Juliana being a trooper even though she was sick. I also loved listening to Christian answer so many trivia questions correctly on our tour. He just amazed me!

So yes, I enjoyed the Ancient Ruins, but I really just enjoyed sharing the experience with everyone.



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