Day 91: In Sickness and In Rome


3 out of our 7 family members were sick today, which made traveling and exploring a bit exhausting and slightly disappointing. We still managed to see quite a bit, but with several interruptions and complaints and a few tears. My favorite part of the morning was just wandering through the alley ways and into shops and looking up at all the architecture and colors and textures.

We were standing right outside the Pantheon when several didn’t even want to go inside. I insisted that we go anyway, which made me feel like a bad mom, but if I didn’t make them at least see it, that would have been even worse. Turning back took 90 minutes too, so no choices seemed like good choices today. Everyone was at least well enough to leave the hotel room in the morning, but by 1:30, the sick ones were done.

The rest of us wandered back to see Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps by day. We also meandered and strolled through town until we arrived at the Piazza de Popolo. People watching from the steps was enjoyable and relaxing. Maybe it was that the endless chatter and complaints weren’t ringing in my ears anymore that made me so happy!

Splitting up was the best option for today. Although one of the highlights of the evening, was when we were all together again in our hotel rooms. I went into my parents’ room and watched Charlie and Oma laughing and playing cards together on the bed. All the way to Rome to play together, with Oma’s new Rome cards and Charlie calling out what he saw on the cards. Priceless.

Hopefully tomorrow all will be well enough to enjoy the magnificent Colosseum.







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