Day 70: Haircut Day



I finally found a place to get the boys’ haircuts today, thanks to Patti and I got there in time before the place closed. It is nearly impossible to get things done over here. Well, I shouldn’t say that exactly. It’s just impossible to get things done when you want to, quickly and efficiently and on the day you’d prefer. Typically a response I get when trying to receive a service, is “It’s not possible.”  

We tried to get haircuts last week, but they weren’t possible. Literally. And the hours the barber told me to come back with the kids weren’t possible either. And the barber wouldn’t allow me to make an appointment. Go figure. My boys were starting to look like clowns with bushy heads. They haven’t had a cut in over 70+ days!

I thought the haircuts weren’t going to be possible again today. You see, we tried yesterday, but got to the shop shortly after 5 pm and the lady said it was too late and to come back another time, that she was done for the day. 5 o’clock. Can you imagine closing that early in the states?  So today, I told the kids that we had to leave immediately after school to get to the shop before “the crowds”.  They don’t get out of school until 3:30 pm and trying to coral three kids in three different grades in a timely fashion just isn’t possible. BUT – we did get there by 4 pm. When I asked for an appointment the day before, they said… yep, you guessed it… thus the reason for the rush!!  So we walk in and there are 4 people in the shop. Jill, the hairdresser, a boy getting his hair cut and his mom and sister who are waiting. We recognize them from school and share a smile. I ask the hairdresser if she can cut the boys’  hair today and she looked a little frazzled. 

Get this – she said yes, she might be able to do it but she was very busy and that it would take a long time to wait and that she would have to stop to take a drink too, so she wasn’t sure how long we would have to wait. Really?  Jan – the mom who I became friends with by relating over this crazy interaction just smiled at each other and tried not to laugh. 

I was very sweet to Jill and asked her if we could step outside for a snack from the local bakery while she was very busy. She said yes and obliged my kids starving craziness!  Now people don’t walk around with food and drinks in their hands here. They sit politely and patiently and partake in their sustenance in a more civilized fashion. So when my kids walked back into the salon with their bakery fresh cream puff, tompouce and chocolate muffin, I of course was mortified and asked permission if we could bring the food into the salon. Jill was ever so gracious and obliged our request. And I don’t think we offended her, which was good. Luckily she spoke English too.

And before I knew it, her last customer and our new friends left and Jill finished her drink break and was able to cut both boys’ hair before 5 pm. Phew – a success. And only 38 Euros later – about $50 US dollars!  The other barber last week wanted almost that much for each kid! I love a good bargain, and friendly Dutch people!  


Thanks to our Michigan friends, we made new friends from Michigan /Wisconsin today at the barber shop! 😉

All is well – no more clown heads today. I AM happy.


10 thoughts on “Day 70: Haircut Day

  1. Wow, what a story. I suppose you will eventually get used to how things work over there and when you come back to the states it will be a luxury to be able to walk into a store at a convenient time (for you, not them!), or make an appointment. Thanks for sharing!

    • It takes a mind shift and just slows me down a bit, which could be a good thing. I’m just not used to this… but my expectations are changing and I just smile and laugh to myself. Glad you like hearing the details… makes you think, right?

    • It’s definitely different and a bit tiring because you have to think differently all the time – things that you just do without thinking now take energy and you have to adapt, but that’s normal I guess. I share the story just so you can imagine the experience right along with me!! 😉

  2. HI TOOTs:
    Frustrations. I think I will bring my own clippers to Holland. Sounds like life is a “little” different over there.

  3. I love his haircut!! He looks so naughty, but he is such a sweetheart!! I guess you were spoiled in the US regarding customers service. We will take care of that when I get there!!!! Ha ha ha Love you!

    • He is so naughty! Wait ’til you see how tall they all are. The Dutch is coming out, or up should I say!! Hurry up and get here already… the coffee is klaar!! xoxox

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