Day 62: A Message from Christian

Hello, this is Christian

I wanted to tell everybody about how my experience has gone here. It has been 2 months today, and we have all our stuff, school and soon, our car! School has been the big thing for me. One month so far into it I am doing great. The school teaches you how to think deeply into everything, even PE. Homework is so much cooler and easier because all the home work is due either 2 days after it is given or one week later. My schedule is different than a California schedule.  In California, you have the same classes each day, but here you have five classes on a block schedule each day and then you switch and have five different classes the next day and then it rotates again. I take 2 electives: painting, design technology (not architectural) and 2 languages: Mandarin and Dutch. I am training for the basketball team with my friends. Speaking of friends, I have 7 new, great friends who are basically like an extra large package who consist of 5 Dutch boys, one French and one British. The Dutch friends have taught me some Dutch, and the French and British buds teach me great soccer. Today I shared a little bit of American culture, an American football!! My friends, Luca, Matt, Max, Xander, Henk, Wybe and I all played but eventually the other team made up of 3 inexperienced Dutch kids beat my team, 14 to 7. They were all happy and wanted to play again. I am probably most happy here now because I have friends, family, and a place where I belong. I love this country, the people places and how easy it is to travel around. 1 thing I do dislike is the rain, but overall I’m good. Hope whoever is reading from Sunnyvale, or from my family will comment, or subscribe to this blog and keep in touch!

Best wishes, Christian


I saw a double rainbow today!

9 thoughts on “Day 62: A Message from Christian

  1. Hi Christian,

    How cool it was to hear about the move from your perspective. 🙂 Not that I don’t enjoy hearing from your mom because she writes wonderfully as well! 🙂

    Your class schedule sounds really great. I wish our public schools in California were like your school.

    I think you and your family are really brave and so fortunate to be having this experience. Keep enjoying yourself!

    Take care, From your Mom’s friend, Kimber

  2. Christian,

    Love that you helped give us your perspective on the move. I’m glad you’re making friends (my family moved right before high school and it was a bit lonely at times, until I settled in). Big hugs to you and the rest of your family.

    -Kristen (Tyler & Riley’s mom)

  3. Hello Christian,

    You sound so happy and well adapted. I love your schedule. That is the schedule Amanda has at Chaminade middle school. I am happy to hear about your new friends and that you love the country. Thank you for taking the time to share!


    Kimberly Drewes

  4. Hi Christian,
    Wow, you sound totally settled in on the Dutch adventure. I love reading the blog and seeing all the photos. Glad you added football to your friend’s day! Isn’t it cool that you are there and everyone who reads this blog are in California but we are connected! Keep having fun.
    Mrs. Hayes(Ponderosa Room A)

  5. Christian-It’s so great to read your moms blog, and so cool to hear from you on the blog too! I think she should give each of you kids a guest spot once in a while! It sure sounds like you and your family are having a wonderful adventure there, and I think you’ll be such a more well rounded young man when you come back here eventually. You’ll have the confidence that comes from travelling and learning so many new things and I envy that you’re so young and getting to have these amazing experiences. Keep having an open mind about learning new things and meeting new people.
    Marcia Kearns (your moms friend from P.E.O.)

  6. Hi Christian, Thanks for writing today. It is good to hear how you feel about the big changes you have made and that you are starting to feel good about being there. Besides, it gave your mom a day off from writing! Friends are the best and with the internet, you can keep them wherever you or they are. My mom, Irma, has kept in touch with friends she met 30 years ago while working in Arabia. I must say, we do miss your family coming to visit on Dryden Street or for us to visit you in Sunnyvale. Have a great day! Mary Opdahl

  7. Thanks for writing Christian! It was very cool to read about your adventures. We all miss you here, but are excited for your year away.

    “Miss Dodson”

  8. Hi Christian. I loved reading your up lifting message. It is very nice to know that you are enthusiastic about living in Holland, and that you love your new school, and the new friends you have made. Are you able to speak some Dutch to me when I arrive in Holland? I cannot wait to hear of all your new experiences, and let us explore Amstelveen together when I get there, okay!
    Seeyou soon! Love you, Oma

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