Day 60: Family Day

Guess what? He likes me… he invited me to go running with him again!!  Whoohoo…  what a great way to start the day.  Charlie even came with us on his bike while we ran along the canals. The sun was shining too, and it’s the first official day of fall. We definitely noticed the change in weather though… even though it was sunny, it was very cold out. And by the end of the day, it was raining and 9 degrees celsius out. Time for scarves and boots and to put away the flip flops. 

We spent the rest of our Sunday with family. Gerard and Anita came over first and dropped off an outside table they weren’t using anymore. Thanks, guys!  We had a quick cup of coffee together, and then drove over to Rob and Wendy’s house for the afternoon, that soon lead into dinner together. I love days like today. 

We enjoyed time together, with coffee and cake, and then we took the dogs and kids out for a walk.


happy dogs!

It was fun to watch the dogs chasing each other and playing catch with the same stick. And we also loved watching the kids run around with a football and playing on the good ol’ fashioned merry go rounds that make you so dizzy! When we came back, Rob lit a fire and we had dinner together. Afterwards, we watched his movie/photo show from their trip to Morocco.  I loved seeing all the colors and sand dunes and art! Make me want to go there too.


Walking around Hoofddorp with my baby girl!


Good, ol’ fashioned fun – kids and dogs and parks!





Life is good in the Netherlands!  Thanks for inviting us to spend the day with you, Rob and Wendy!  We had a blast.  xo


Rob and Wendy

One thought on “Day 60: Family Day

  1. It was great to meet you all, you all are so nice and warm people!!
    We too, had a lot of fun during the walk, even when it started to rain. Well, that’s typical Dutch…..
    Just like the bitterballen, frikadellen, berenhap, kaassoufle en de patat 😉
    Hope to see you soon again! Tot gauw!
    Slaap lekker…….

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