Day 57: Running Together

18 Years ago I met Jeff and he mentioned he was going for a run after work.  I have always worked out and when I heard him say he was going for a run, I thought to myself, perfect – I’m going running too. I was so excited to find something in common that I could casually invite him to join me and to take up something together, you know, strategically flirting!!  I was rollerblading after work at the time, but thought, hey – I can run.  That would be fun!

So I tried out running alone first, and then casually invited him to join me one night after work . But by the time I asked him again, he said he hated running. What? What kind of line is that? I was totally mislead.   Geez… but we did run together, maybe once, because by this time I had signed up to run a 5K in Dallas. But by the time the race came around, he was done running. But my charm still worked — we just didn’t run together.  Until today.

18 years later, we went for a run together… in the drizzling rain in Holland. Before we went, he asked if I was planning to talk. Was this a pick up line?? I think I know him by now – and told him, well maybe. But of course, I want to run again with him, so I was quiet. But guess who was talking??  Hahahaha… I’m cracking myself up.

I’m so glad we went out for a run and that I invited myself. We had a great time and did something fun and athletic together, which made my day!  I think he might have enjoyed it too… I think I’ll join him with his kettle bell workout tomorrow too, just don’t tell him my plans!!  I’m sure it’ll be “quiet” and loads of fun!




One thought on “Day 57: Running Together

  1. just catching up. I Love This…. ostly because anytime we have a “date” it is fitness related. The first time we had a night away from the kidos(hell the only time) was the night before a half ironman. We did ironman together. We hire sitters for Sunday bikes and runs, next weekend we’re doing Rugged Maniac. They say, “The family who plays together, stays together…”

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