Day 56: Clogs and Cheese

Let’s Go – explore Westwijk, Aalsmeer, and Uithoorn

We did a driving tour around these three cities today. We saw a Japanese restaurant, fish shop, a gym, shopping centers, a waste location, thrift shops, water parks, glow in the dark miniature golf, a designer kitchen shop and other miscellaneous sites.  I found the assortment of locations, both functional and entertaining, a bit confusing, but did enjoy being with girlfriends and driving around new cities I wouldn’t necessarily explore on my own.

The highlight was Clara Maria’s Cheese and Clog Farm. I LOVED this Dutch place, and it’s right at the edge of Amstelveen near where I play tennis. It’s a great place to bring y’all when you come and visit!!  But for now, I’ll show you some pictures from our fun adventures making clogs and making cheese.

Me in Big Clogs!

Did you know that pointed toes were made for Catholics and rounded toes were made for Protestants? Interesting, huh?

Caroline helping make clogs in the “factory”

Cheese making lesson

Making the cheese

For lunch, Jen, Patty, Caroline and I had a nice lunch at Abina in Amstelveen, thanks to Birgitta’s recommendation of this being a nice restaurant.  Here’s a picture of my goat cheese with bacon panini sandwich! Aren’t you hungry now?? Mmm…. Love goat cheese on everything!

Who doesn’t like bacon and goat cheese? This was so tasty!!




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