Day 48: Waiting


This picture just makes me smile.  Jeff and I were just in the World Trade Center of Amsterdam today, collecting 2 out of 5 our Residence Cards. We had to go there to physically pick them up and present our passports once again. You’d think since we all went to fill out the paperwork at the same time, that they’d all be there for pickup at the same time. We asked and they told us not to worry and they would probably be ready next week. Hmfff… ok. So off to lunch we went and enjoyed sushi together – so nice to have a date with my husband.  After lunch, he took the tram into the city in one direction, and I took the same tram in the opposite direction to run more errands. I liked seeing him from across the platform and smiling through the rain at each other. It’s not often we really get to “see” each other!  He called me, maybe 30 minutes later when he got to his office and received an email that our residence cards were ready and that we could come pick them up. Nice. But their offices are only open from 9 -12 pm, and it was 1 pm. I just have to smile and laugh, because so many things are inefficient and weird, but it’s ok. I got a date with my husband, so it made it worth it. And it looks like we’ll have to plan another one this week or next. I hope he doesn’t get sick of me!! 😉

It’s strange to think that we were in the WTC (of Amsterdam) today on September 11th. We remember. We have our stories as to where we were 11 years ago, and felt the world change. We will never forget. And we pray for the families whose lives were seriously changed that day. Namaste.



3 thoughts on “Day 48: Waiting

  1. You should try going through the American system getting visas, and green cards, & work authorization cards etc! I recall having to queue up at 5am in the morning at the INS in San Jose, where there would already be very long lines. There would only be so many that would be allowed in each morning – so you’d have to get in there early. And there were restrictions on having food / drink / phones with you as I recall. I remember having to do this a few times. And then there was that time I lost my job and had to leave the country within 10 days. And the medical tests that we kept having to repeat because the results of the medical tests would expire, as the green card process took so long. I think every countries legal and paperwork systems around residency may seem / are inefficient and weird! We empathize! … glad you’re looking on the bright side and getting more dates with Jeff out of it!

    • Jenny – I think you’re so right! The expat center in Amsterdam is so warm and friendly and inviting. They even have free coffee, books to read and a table to sit at with access to a computer. There is literature about all possible sevrvices you
      might need too. And there are no queues. So thank you for the reminder! Makes me appreciate the process here a little more now and makes me want to be a facilitator for immigrants when I move back to the States. I can only imagine the challenges you faced in the US.

      • Hi Adriana! It’s been a while since our fun to catch up through your blog:) This blog just took me back as my first job out of college was in International Sales
        right there in the WTC Amsterdam…I remember it being lovely inside and a great place to work 🙂 Hope all is well!! I was there in July and just love it…Have fun…Hugs! Brigitta

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