Day 43: We’re Still Learning

6 weeks ago today we arrived in the Netherlands and we’ve learned a ton and still have a long way to go!

Charlie is learning to be a better reader and it’s hard. He doesn’t want to do it and is practicing every avoidance technique possible. He’s figuring out how to function with longer school days and substitute teachers.  He misses home the most and all his friend’s and he’s learning to adapt.

Christian is learning how to explain his thinking and thought processes as part of the International Baccalaureate  learning process, even for simple math problems and it’s harder than it sounds. And it is frustrating and rewarding and takes a lot of time.

Juliana is learning how to play volleyball and didn’t want to do it because she didn’t really think she was good at it.  She pushed through her fear and tried out for the team and made it!  Now she’s excited to practice and learn more.

Jeff is learning how to build a company in a new land where many things are not possible. There are forms and documents to translate and fill out. There are delays and differing instructions from agency to agency. And everything takes more time than usual.  It’s challenging to figure out the system.  But he’s doing it and figuring it out, despite the daily frustrations.

I’m learning how to cross the street, drive, and park a car, to navigate on a bike, and figuring out the tram system. Don’t laugh! It’s taken me awhile to know where to stand and where to look and who has the right of way and when. The parking spots are small and most people back in to their parking spot, in order to be able to get out. Wish me luck when my minivan arrives! I’m getting better, with less anxiety on a daily basis. Transportation is where it’s at for me today.

I guess what I’m learning is that we’re all learning and practicing and it takes work, lots of energy and patience.  There have been a few tears, a few yells, but no one has given up and everyone keeps trying. We have a lot to learn and I’m proud of my team!

What are you learning today?

One thought on “Day 43: We’re Still Learning

  1. I’m so impressed by all of you. I’m learning different ways to look at curriculum, always learning how to work with different students and parents, learning and re-learning how to juggle as a working parent, and learning more about happiness from a good new book.

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