Day 42: Speed Dating and SUP

There was a blog the other day written by another expat that talked about speed dating – but it’s about women who are looking for a new Best Friend Forever! (BFF) or several new friends. I love this concept and think it’s something most of us do quite frequently. Unless perhaps you’re Dutch or grew up and still live in the same small town with your old friends and your extended family and don’t really have a need to make NEW friends, because your social network is so tight.

So many of us at the kids’ school are all in the same boat – some of us here a year or two or 5 or longer, some just arriving, some getting ready to move.  For the newbies (like me) I definitely have to put myself out there and “date” as many woman – to find new friends and establish new workout routines, and homework play dates, and coffee get togethers, and GNO and such.  For the old timers, they have to date again, because it’s like they’ve been divorced when their friends move back to their original homes or new expat assignments.  They have to meet new friends to fill their date cards. And so we go… to the PTA Newcomer’s Coffees, and out to group lunches, shopping at the farmers’ markets and trying out new gyms.  Lots of fun dating, but boy, my paper piles, laundry, and clutter are collecting higher and higher!



A gorgeous day to lunch outside, with new friends – swapping stories and sharing ideas about how to make it in “this world.”

After my “first shift” was through, I rushed back to school to pick up the kids to go and fix J’s passport photo for her residence card. We stopped at the Kings Almarkt – an American  store super find! They have so many things we love and today we picked up miniature ice cream cones. Char was so happy!

after school snack!


After getting the kids settled and homework started, Jeff was so sweet to drive me over to the Ijburg, to test out a new paddle board with Morene. While I paddled, he took the kids to dinner and waited for me. I think we all had a good time. The kids love being spoiled by their dad.  I loved the traditional, orange Boga, touring board and might have to get one when our car arrives, which could be any day.   I loved being on the water, getting a workout and enjoying the sun shining and reflecting on the water, even if it was cold!

Hope you have a good day and take care of your girlfriends!!

xo Adriana


3 thoughts on “Day 42: Speed Dating and SUP

  1. OMG, you make that darn SUP look so easy!! My knee is still recovering from my spazzy experience on Lake Tahoe. Maybe the calm waters of the Delta for me next time I try it?? By the way, I just read a book about that theme of speed dating for women and looking for a new BFF… was a great book. I can mail it to you if you want a good read?
    XO Marcia

  2. So nice to see you on a paddle board again. I remember all the wonderful times we have shared together at the beach and getting your own paddle board. It was exciting!!!!

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