Day 40: Happy Birthday to my Papa!

Today is my dad’s birthday! He’s having his friends over for a BBQ and my mom is making shish-kebobs!  He also went to pick up his trailer as he and my mom are taking a road trip in a couple days. I love how adventurous they are and how they keep on moving. Hmm… I wonder where I get it from?

Actually, I get a lot from my dad – and I’ve learned a lot from him as well. He’s always playful and loving. He always makes time for his friends. He always has smiling eyes when he greets his friends and family, where the people he is sharing time with know deep in their soul that he loves them. I love this about him.

He’s taught me to always look on the bright side, and to stay positive. And if any of us ever get discouraged, he just reminds us that in 10 years, will it all really matter?  Will we really remember THIS moment? Good advice to keep calm and carry on.

He taught me to only loan something to someone if I didn’t expect to get it back – it’s better that way to keep your friends when you don’t have high expectations. I like that.

My dad is adventurous and athletic and always tries new sports. He plays handball, rides motorcycles, rides mountain bikes, kayaks, fishes, and plays tennis to name a few of his recent hobbies.  If he’s ever hurt, he’ll just say, “You can’t hurt steel!” and laughs.  I love that.

My dad is stil supporting his family and is encouraging and loves his grandkids. My kids are always excited when Opa comes to town, because he’ll actually go outside and play with them, play hide and seek, tease them and tickle them, and take them to the park to run around and take them for ice cream and donuts for breakfast.

My dad genuinely loves my mom and his family and would do anything for all of us. He is very protective and loving – great qualities in a man. 

I love you Pops! Happy birthday, and many many more!! Today, we celebrate wonderful YOU!

xo Adriana







Jeff and I sat outside on this gorgeous day at a restaurant at the Ouderkerk an de Amstel.


Family bike ride, after dinner. So much fun!




8 thoughts on “Day 40: Happy Birthday to my Papa!

  1. We just got back from church camp, and I’m grateful for a shower! Missed you – but enjoyed seeing your video’s from your interviews in Amsterdam with the Peterson’s, as part of the talent show. All 3 of our kids shared a talent – which was such a delight!! This year was the Golden Jubilee – 50 years of church camp – so it was lovely hearing about all the old stories!

    • I bet you all had a great time together! Did you take any pictures that you’d like to share? I’d love to see them. Hope the kids enjoyed performing in the talent show! Thanks for telling me about it.

    • I did not hear about this – looks like a boat show for next season. I’m sure it would be fun to see, although we have a busy week with kids’ sports filling up the days. Thanks for the idea, though!!

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