Day 38: Sun Shining = Go Outside


When the sun is shining, it feels like you’re wasting money if you’re not outdoors.  Or, I guess you’re wasting sunshine and it’s a precious commodity in the Netherlands. But still, our family was enjoying the slow morning and not quite in a rush to get out of the house. 



A lazy morning gave us time to make pancakes – or as the Dutch say, Pannen Koeken. Kids loved ’em.

We had planned to go to the Zuider Zee Museum, but as soon as we mentioned the word “museum”, our littlest little angel started to throw a conniption fit even if it would be the most fun. What is a conniption fit, anyway?  I just know my parents always said that… but I’m sure you can imagine what I mean. I think we needed a little down time this morning so we just hung around until lunch time, and decided to head into Amsterdam for a canal cruise instead. The weather was so gorgeous, that we needed to be outdoors and being on a boat was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.  Anytime you put me in the sun and on the water, I’m happy.  And if the mama’s happy, everyone is happy!  



This beer boat made me smile!


Imagine having to parallel park here on the canal. In the rental car, they have these metal pokey sticks that you can use to break the window in case you drive into a body of water!  Scary!!



Happy Labor Day to all my American Friends!!  Namaste.  xo

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