Day 36: Sunshine

Had a much better today, today. Thank you for all your well wishes, email, comments, and support. Yesterday was a struggle, but today we’re moving on, Sunshine.

And today I moved my butt over to the gym again!! Whoohoo! I’ve been off the workout wagon now for at least a few months! But now,  I’m making working out and eating better a priority again. Time to shed these pounds/kilos!  At this gym I’m testing out with Jen, they made us sign up for an intake interview, which we started today. They weighed us and measured our body fat and height, and put together a workout plan for us that is all stored on a key. We take the key with us when we are ready to workout and all our information is stored there and refreshed when we log in from exercise machine to exercise machine. At the end of the workout, you check out and it provides you with a summary of how well you did. It also gives you a workout plan and tells you where to go, how many sets to do and at what level. Right now, I really appreciated someone knowing what to do and how to do it and spelling it out for me in plain English!  Comforting, although my muscles are wide awake now!!

After the workout, I showered and made a couple calls and then drove over to P’s house for a blogging lunch!  P and Jen and C were interested in learning how to blog. We had as much fun at lunch as we did playing with setting up the new blogs.  P’s house is beautiful and inviting and lunch was so yummy. She made a quiche, salad, fresh fruit and bread. Thank you so much! Aren’t you hungry now?

And one of the cool things about hanging out with new friends, is you gather new ideas. They were talking about how good Sushi King is and someone else had mentioned that this other place by our house was even better. So this got me craving sushi tonight and I just waited for Jeff to get home to go there. We got there a little after 7, to find it closed!! Can you believe that? Who closes a restaurant at 7 pm on a Thursday night? And Thursday night is the night that stores stay open late! What the heck? We went to the Dixie Cafe instead – it was ok, but I probably won’t go back there again.

Hope yo have a good day too!

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