Day 35: Dirt and Sunshine

You know how Facebook and Blogs usually share the highlights of life?  I like to think of my writing and sharing as the Sunshine. But we all know there’s Dirt too. And we don’t really like to describe and share the Dirt, because that ain’t pretty. It’s brown and smelly. And everyone has their own Dirt, and sometimes there is more than plenty of it. Who wants to focus on that?

We all know we need the Dirt and Sunshine (and a few tears too) to make Flowers grow. So I’ll accept the dirty Dirt today for what it is.


And I’ll pray for the unknown person that created the mess and wait for the Sunshine to come back tomorrow. I’m once again thankful for my wonderful friends and family – the Sunshine – for all their love and support. Every day. Life is good, despite the sh*t. Don’t forget. And most of all, don’t get stuck in it. That’s a really smelly place, and who wants to be there?



9 thoughts on “Day 35: Dirt and Sunshine

  1. Hi Adriana; Enjoy reading your interesting and “sunny” posts. Regarding today’s “dirt” post, I guess a little dirt once in awhile means you need to be a gardener. Just dig the dirt right out of there! Awhile back I asked for your address. I tried to view, via MapQuest, the layout of where you are living but without your address I can’t tell in which neighborhood you are located. It would be fun to locate some of the places you talk about in your blogs. I am a very visual learner and if I can follow on a map, it just seems to make more sense to me. If you prefer not to share your address, I understand and will not ask again.

    Hope all your “gardening” is done and you are back to your sunny self. Rosaine

  2. I read your email and originally thought that it was passed on from a neighborhood posting, then read it again and thought SH*T. So sorry to hear that it occurred, it’s reassuring to know that it will be fixed soon enough but annoying to have to deal with, especially from afar.
    Thank you for making me smile daily (well maybe not today….sigh) and reminding me to live in the moment……
    MUAH and HUGS

  3. I love the way you write because you are so right on!!! I am proud of you how you handle all situations good and bad. Sorry about what happend yesterday and I know it really sucked, but you handled it beautifully. You are amazing!!! Love you!

  4. Sorry to hear the news Adriana. The good thing is that no body came to harm. That’s the most important thing – the rest can be fixed. Let us know if there’s anything we can do for you at all to help with the current situation. We are absolutely here to help – run any errands, get anyone in to help fix. Let us know what you need. Lots of love and hugs to you and the family xxx

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