Day 22: Our Shipment Arrived!

Today was much better, thanks for asking!  I don’t mind bad days because they are part of life and I don’t expect everything to always be a-ok. It’s normal, I get it. And I just have to wait it out (like I did) and wait for the sun to shine again (which it did!)


Early this morning, the truck arrived with our stuff. Now we didn’t ship all our stuff and the truck that brought our stuff was really big and understuffed, which is a good thing! You see there isn’t that much storage space in this big house. And I kind of was enjoying living with little, but I know our stuff will bring comfort. Like our rug and rocking chair and bean bag chair. Ahh… soft and cozy, and gezellig! I like comfy places and it’s getting there.


We had 63 boxes total – including 1 big orange bike, 2 chairs, a stool, a rug and other miscellaneous stuff that makes us feel comfy. That’s not that much for 5 people and an international move, right? We left our furniture at our old house as a guest house and hope our friends and family enjoy staying there from time to time.  Now we just have to wait for our table and couch to be delivered – hopefully tomorrow and then we’ll be ready for you to come and visit!!  😉

Actually, while I was unpacking, Ruth came to visit. She is Simone’s sister-in-law, and lives in the area. 3 minutes away, in fact… how crazy is that? Simone, is Debbie’s Dutch friend, who I met before moving here. And today she asked Ruth to stop by to bring us flowers as a welcome. How cool is that??  I am so touched. I am all about relationships and can really give a crap about stuff. And seeing Ruth at my door, carrying a beautiful flower basket just touched my heart. And that she went out of her way to greet us… wow. Thank you. I love them and love that you both reached out to make us feel welcome. Thank you Ruth and Simone!!


Oh, and there’s a story about the wooden shoes too. You see Jeff and I came to Holland 14 years ago and these wooden shoes were made especially for me by Helma’s brother who runs a wooden shoe factory. We toured the factory and he shaped these to fit my feet. How cool is that? They have been sitting on my porch at home in Sunnyvale for the past 12 years so everyone would know I’m Dutch! And because I love them. So now they’re back on Dutch soil to great our guests at our front door. Doesn’t that make you want to come over for a cup of coffee. Just show up and I’ll make you a cup.  😉

We worked all day to unpack and to make our house feel more like a home until it was time to go meet the Petersons again. The kids really wanted to see each other to celebrate Ben’s birthday and to do a sleepover. We joined them for cake and ice cream and then brought their boys over here for one last sleepover before they leave Holland tomorrow. Happy Birthday Ben!!  Image

6 thoughts on “Day 22: Our Shipment Arrived!

  1. What a cool day and cool friends to boot
    (or should I say wooden shoes?)! Ha ha! I bet it’s so nice making new friends and getting a piece of home back at home…love to you all and a very special thanks to all those loving my sister and her family! (I’m so mom) ha ha! love love love you!

  2. Catching up on your blog. You are handling everything with so much grac! I am so happy for you, that you have the Internet again, your home fairly settled, and your kids enrolled in a good school. It’s hard to reach out of your comfort zone and you are doing just that!

    • Thanks, Jen! We are definitely out of our comfort zone, especially when it comes to the language and shopping and transportation, but I’m sure in a month or so it’ll feel more normal and comfy!

      Are you getting ready for school to start? I hope you have a great year and are enjoying your last few days of summer. xo

  3. Wow, 63 boxes. 🙂 I am hoping to fit everything in three large pieces of luggage over two trips. 😛 Might have to ship a box though, we’ll see.

    Note: I live alone, and I moved to the east coast with two things of luggage. I’ve tried hard not to gain too much (not that I knew I was moving back then) but I do have some extra Dutch books to bring! About a shelf.

    Good to hear you are having fun, and yes, there will be bad days. But the good days can be so awesome… it sounds like you have an AWESOME support network!

    • Hi Niki — We also are a family of five, so of course will have more stuff. A lot of it was clothes and shoes and toys/books. As I was unpacking yesterday, I was kinda wishing we had less! I realized how much stuff surrounds us and how we got by with so little for the two months our stuff was in transit.

      Good luck with your move! You must be getting very excited. I have been very lucky meeting new friends and also to have my mom’s cousins around to help us. I can’t imagine doing it alone!

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