Day 15: Beach Day

What I love (and hate) about summer is not having a plan and structure and time expectations. Some days just end up being perfect, unplanned but planned and they just come together like today. I always have a list of To Do’s but usually there is flex to it and different priorities allow me to juggle and shift and change the order based on the highest need at any given moment.

Today lil’ C really wanted to see his friend’s again and I was happy when the Peterson’s called to invite us to join them at their hostel today and to hang out. We knew there was a beach near by to check out but we weren’t sure what the weather would be like. There was also a playground and beautiful gardens to enjoy and to allow us to just hang out, once we arrived.

We packed lunches and towels and bathing suits and headed out to meet our friends around lunch time.

It was a gorgeous day at the sea. The kids had fun body surfing, searching for sea life, and building sand castles. they found cool shells, pincher crabs, a mini starfish, and jellyfish. They were curious as to why the women weren’t wearing tops and why the little kids were walking around naked. I just explained it as being European and it not being a big deal, and that they were comfortable with their own bodies and how cool was that?

The weather was so nice that we stayed all day until dinner time. We stopped for the kids to get some French fries with mayonaise and peanut sauce and bitterbollen with mustard. Everyone loved the bitterbollen and we loved sharing new foods with our friend’s. Im
So glad we just went with the flow today and ended up at my favorite place, the beach! The beach snack shack also had a playground that was quite entertaining. A perfect day…











2 thoughts on “Day 15: Beach Day

    • We went to Wijk aan Zee near a little town called Heemskerk. It was really nice. Zandvort is also a very nice beach community. I love the beach too! I hope you get there soon while the weather is still nice.

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