Day 13: Happy

Today was a perfect day filled with visits from friends and I Am Content!

I love having people around me and being together.

Pauline introduced me to her friend Birgitta who lives in our new home town. She came over for coffee today and brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I could get used to this!

It was so nice to find out the best grocery store in town, a referral for a doctor and dentist, as well as the local urgent care number and non-emergency police number. She also told me where to go to get a hair cut and the best gym in town. Plus, she’s super sweet and friendly and I just loved hanging out with her all morning.
Thanks Pauline for sharing your friend with me! She’s wonderful!

After Birgitta left, we had a late lunch and Alycia came over with her kids. She’s my friend from Palo Alto who shared the same Dutch tutor as me. We met in Mountain View before she moved to our new home town in April and we now live a couple blocks from each other. How cool is that? The kids had so much fun playing together and didn’t want to leave each other. It will be so nice for them to have familiar faces at their new school when they start in a couple weeks.

After Alycia left, Margalith wanted to take the kids to adventure island in the Bos. She said we should just go for 15 minutes and have the kids run around. I was resistant since the Peterson’s were on their way over for dinner and it was 4:30 already and they were going to be here by 6 at the latest! How was I going to make everything work? Well, I’m in this mode of stepping out of my comfort zone and living in the moment and so we did. We enjoyed running around like Tom Sawyer through the forest and we can’t wait to go back again.


As we were driving home and getting ready to park, the Peterson’s drove up at the same time! Perfect timing!! The Peterson’s are traveling around the world for a year and will be in Holland for 10 days. We were so happy that they chose to come and hang out with us for dinner and a instant sleepover. How cool is that? Life is good.


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