Day 6: A bit stir crazy…

It’s almost been a week since we left Sunnyvale. We’ve been busy trying to get settled into our new place, while the kids are all home with us and you know what that’s like on summer vacation! Today we all feel a little bit stir crazy for different reasons!

We don’t have a car and the bike shop is closed for holiday until August 7th. We can’t buy a train pass that the locals use because we don’t have our residence card and it costs about $50 day for the family to get a train day pass. We could buy a chip card without a photo and pay as you go, but you need Internet access and when we log in with English, it takes us down a few pages and then gives us Dutch. And the temporary Internet access we bought for the iPad is almost used up. We are using free wireless at the local mall right now, me with the kids by an indoor kid playground and Jeff at a coffee shop so he can actually get a few things done!!

I thought I should share some of this because these feelings are real too and part of the process. We’re figuring it out… Things are just a bit more complicated. The good news is that we bought museum cards today and will go to Amsterdam tomorrow. The handyman came by and fixed the leaks and moved a bed for us. The owner dropped by to meet us and agreed to install black out shades in the back of the house where the street lights from the retirement community shine in our rooms all night so it feels like day time. Rome wasn’t built in a day…so cliche yet so true. Patience… That’s all we need and every little thing will be alright…

It’s all good… And thank you for your emails and comments and sharing your stories! I love hearing from you and miss you! xo



6 thoughts on “Day 6: A bit stir crazy…

  1. Sounds like it’s getting real sister. Hang in there like you always do with that contagious positivity that is YOU!! You’re the rock and the glue. Like you said- every little thing is gonna be alright 🙂 it’s tough right now…. But in a little while you’re gonna be all settled in and a true dutchie. What a trip!!!!!!! Literally and figuratively. Can’t wait to read more about your journey.

    Vel tuste

  2. Hi Adriana….hang in there! I think these bumps in the road are the universe’s way of saying “time to take a break.” You deserve a few days rest–just enjoy some bonding time with the kids and Jeff before school starts and life gets hectic again. Enjoy the peace and quiet for a bit, it will recharge your batteries. Thanks for sharing your experiences–please know you’re in my thoughts and prayers, and that all of us are living vicariously through your adventure!
    Lots of love, Kris

  3. Hey A- Just think, many of us here in the states with cars in the driveway and bikes in the garage and all of the internet we could want at our fingertips feel stir crazy… I keep thinking about how life changing and thought provoking my time in Nepal was and am so excited for all the things your kids and you and Jeff will be learning. I always recycle but not “everything” I could. Every time I go to pitch something that should be recycled now I think of you guys and make the extra effort. Go for a walk and meet some more neighbors. XOXOXO Cassia

    • I know it’s all normal! And I’m excited to be here. The kids are just being kids and get bored and want our attention! I’m just thankful they aren’t two and can handle reason and logic a bit more than a toddler! They are great! We have a lot to learn!,

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