Day 2: Pack and Play

A new meaning to Pack and Play… We worked hard all day packing up suitcases and weighing them and shuffling things around and stacking piles and vacuuming and cleaning. We also had great friends drop by and received phone calls and emails with well wishes. It’s hard to pack for a major transition while daily life is still available for living. That’s where my parents come in…

My mom is the busiest and most industrious person I know. The dishwasher and washing machine and vacuum cleaner were going all day. As I filled suitcases, she was dusting out drawers and picking up Lego pieces, making us lunch and just providing support every step of the way.  As we packed and shuffled, my dad took the kids out for a fun filled day, being spoiled once again. They went out for lunch, swimming at Kona Kai and played miniature golf at Golfland before hurrying back home to see their friends who were waiting for them at our house.



Mom and I ran errands, picking up prescriptions and dry cleaning and pictures from C’s party for his scrapbook. We enjoyed the time together, not rushing and just enjoying the busy-ness of the day.  We came home to throw dinner together, cleaning out fridge and freezer making a delicious meal. The best part was there was no set time and friends kept joining us and sat at the table sharing friendship and conversation. At one point, I looked over at April and just said, “I am so Happy!” and she snapped this picture of me.


The kids were out back playing with water balloons and spy gear, laughing and running around. We enjoyed Michele’s gluten free chocolate chip cookies and left over dessert and no one wanted to leave.


I am going to miss my family and friends and know that the time will go by quickly – so no need for goodbyes – just so long, enjoy your journey and please share your stories with me too… we’ll see you again soon. xo


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