Day 3: My Lucky Number

I love the number 3 – it’s my favorite number. What is yours?

3 days until we move – yikes!  But today was a day of celebrations and play.  I’ll work hard all day tomorrow and Tuesday to get the rest of the little details done before our flight. I think I’m in partial denial that we’re really leaving in 3 days. I also like to procrastinate and then cram at the end. How do you prepare for big events?


Today we celebrated our little one’s birthday by doing all the things he loved and wished for. The house was decorated with balloons and banners, gifts and cards. He requested Spy Gear and was thrilled with his spy glasses, watch and metal detector. We went to church and ran into our friends who invited the boys to come and play and have lunch before the big party. They were spoiled with a Papa John’s pepperoni pizza decked out with candles. Such a sweet gift for our little pizza lover.  


He wanted to have a Laser Quest party with all his friends and wanted to invite everyone he knows and loves, but we could only have a max of 15 players. The kids had a great time playing games and enjoying a cupcake cake and C’s favorite and requested dessert – cream puffs from Beard Papa’s.  I loved seeing how happy he was. After the party, he played outside with his friend until we went to enjoy a late dinner at Mongolian BBQ at his request. We tried talking him into other options, but there was no budging! I love that our kids are adventurous eaters. I hope they like the food in Holland too.


It was fun to spoil our little miracle baby and to watch him enjoy celebrating his milestone. We asked him if he wanted to celebrate his birthday in the USA or Holland and he picked California. We also let him pick our move date sometime after his birthday and he picked Wednesday. We let him pick because he was the most resistant to our proposal to move overseas. I think by giving him some say and a feel in the choices he is making, that it might help him buy into this entire process. He seems excited now so I think our plan might be working. I’ll let you know.


We don’t always spoil our kids this way, but on their birthdays, we like to let them choose how to spend their day and loosen up the rules and boundaries a bit, within reason.  I’d say it was a good day.  Thank you all for the well wishes. He enjoyed all the cards and phone calls and gifts.  Next year, I wonder where we’ll be celebrating?!  So excited to discover new traditions.  xo



5 thoughts on “Day 3: My Lucky Number

  1. Wow, what an amazing mom to decorate the house 3 days before you move! 🙂 Happy birthday to Mr. Charlie! Glad he had a great day and is looking forward a little more to moving.

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