Day 7: Work and Play – One More Week!

It’s still weird to think that a week from today we’ll be boarding an airplane and starting this new journey that we’ve been planning now for 100+ days. The reality is sinking in and I was very busy today with the kids packing and sorting and purging and shopping and reading and playing.  While I’m busy preparing for the transition, I also want to enjoy what is still here – and so we did. My yin balanced my yang and I felt happier today and less stressed.

Today we packed up C’s room and J’s room and laid everything for each of them into their own BIG suitcase to check, one carry on suitcase for the overhead compartment and one back pack with personal items to go underneath the seat in front of you!  We got most of little C’s stuff into one BIG case and will continue with the details tomorrow.

My Stella & Dot jewels are now all nicely packed into the travel jewelry totes – 1 Large, 2 Medium, and 2 small jewelry rolls. It’s hard to believe it all fits into just those 5 bags which will fill my carry on case I’m sure!  I’ll have to try and squeeze my laptop in there somewhere too. Maybe tomorrow I’ll figure out those details.

J and I went shopping and bought travel toiletry bags and containers for each kid so they can keep track of their own stuff and hopefully protect their razors from cutting my fingers!!  We ran by the doctor’s office to pick up a prescription and to Nordstrom to shop for a few more items that we “need” before we leave. Not that they won’t have what we need in Holland, but there is like a 20% VAT tax on everything you buy except cars or something like that. Still a few more errands to run and hopefully I will be “done” by Friday. I’d like to enjoy the weekend with my parents and celebrate little C’s birthday without stress.

As for the play part of our day, little C and I sat down to read together for once this summer in the midst of all the packing. I’ve neglected this motherly duty for some reason. I don’t know why?!?  And big C wanted Taco Bell for lunch – and so off we went later than usual and picked up food to go and ate it outside. The kids were especially hyper today. I think they’re starting to feel it more too.  But they’re still such good sports about it all.


After we worked all day, we made time to get together with a few friends at the pool for a Mom and Kid Happy Hour. The kids swam and the moms enjoyed some appetizers and dinner. Life is good!


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