Day 14: Transitioning


In two weeks and a day (due to the time change), we’ll be living in Holland. A big change for us as we’ve never lived overseas. And we’re excited and nervous and overwhelmed and anxious and want to go and wish we could stay. Yin and yang, all mixed together.

So much to do and today was the day to push through as many tasks as possible so that I can play freely tomorrow! I got several errands done since I was awake and out of bed by 5:30 am! C went on a playdate all day and the other two are off at camp. I arranged for a (mini) bus to pick us up from the airport and began to discuss furniture rental plans for the new place. I returned stuff all over town and shopped for our going away party this weekend. Should be fun!

C had a playdate at Adventure Land in Berkeley, which was a magical place for kids to build forts with real hammers, saws, nails and wood, in a dusty playing field with recycled materials. They didn’t want to leave!

It felt like his birthday today, because his friend came over after the play date to watch a movie and rest before they headed out to a night time game of mini-golf. On C’s bucket list was to play at night with all the lights and it being dark. We sure had fun and he won a free game for hitting the little ball in the tiniest of holes at the end. He was so proud of his effort and very happy.

And on a different note, I felt a bit sad today for a couple moments. Like when I went to buy milk and the expiration date was past the date that we move. And when I was shopping at Costco, seeing the same faces I’ve seen for 10+ years, and enjoying the comforts of big shopping, I kept feeling that it’s going to be different. And driving by our church and really missing it and the people. Just a couple tears for 15 seconds – just feeling the transition and ok with it but feeling the separation and change. It’s what we want but it’s still an a adjustment. But, its all good…


Are we there yet?!?!?

6 thoughts on “Day 14: Transitioning

  1. Hey Adriana…sniff, sniff….I am also shedding a few tears at the thought of not having you close by. However, I am looking forward to living vicariously through you and hearing about your whole adventure. As you leave familiar faces and surroundings behind, you will be living new adventures and starting new family traditions. Feel the love and support from your friends at home, lifting you up and holding you close in our hearts. Love you!!

  2. Haha. I saw a December expiration date on a box of Cheez-its that was after the day I move. But I just felt excitement… But I hear you.

      • I think I would be a lot more scared if I was in your position – trying to move a family over. I don’t have any ties to this part of the States, and I have a boyfriend who is Dutch and can help out with a lot of things. You are very strong!

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