Day 28: A Zen Moment Before Stella & Dot Trunk Show

Ahhhh…. my shoulders are tight and heavy. Work is almost done for the day, just after I finish writing, entering my Stella & Dot orders and picking up a bit.

I did have a quiet moment of tranquility before the BIG trunk show. Marcia and Rob have a beautiful, deep pond in front of their house. As I was rushing in to set up with all my bags of jewels and look books, I first noticed the sound of the waterfall, that was quite calming. And then after another trip back out to the car, I noticed all the koi fish circling around, dancing just for me! Well, actually they were hoping I was Rob, ready to feed them. They were playful and colorful and made me smile.

I stopped to enjoy their playfulness for a minute and was surprised to see a turtle pop his little head up. So cute, but he didn’t stay up long enough for me to take his picture.

Marcia and Rob’s Pond

I also loved the colorful orbs floating in the water and the little brown perch for the turtle to relax in the sun.

After my 2 minute nature break, I was ready to go again and had a fabulous time meeting new women and helping style them in gorgeous Stella & Dot jewelry. It was a GREAT show and I’m going to miss this part of my life when I move to the Netherlands. Several women asked if I would continue with Stella & Dot there, but since S&D is only in England now and soon will be in Germany and France, I guess I’ll have to wait. I think I’ll be busy getting us all settled and searching out a new role for me. I wonder what that’ll look like… hmm… thought for another day.

Good night.
p.s. We stopped for ice cream again today and thanked Colleen. xo

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