Day 38: Father’s Day

Eating Malasadas (Portuguese donuts with sugar and fillings) at Leonard’s this morning.

Today I’m thankful for my dad and for my husband. Happy Father’s day to
My two favorite men!! I love you both!

Some of my favorite memories with my dad are playing hide and go seek in the house, going to get chocolate chip roll donuts at Foster’s, swimming at my Oma’s house and Grandma’s house, teasing him when he was reading the paper, body surfing at Zuma Beach, listening to loud music, riding on the back of his motorcycle, driving to Arizona in the blue van, camping at Twin Lakes, eating spaghetti and meatballs, and just loving him and being together

My favorite things about Jeff as a dad are that he provides for our family and loves us unconditionally. I love how he shares his passion for knowledge and history and education and flags and foreign languages with the kids. I love how even when he gets angry or frustrated, that he doesn’t hold grudges or hold on to anger, and is always focused on teaching the kids to do what’s right. I love that he wants to share experiences with them and to show them the world. And I’m
most thankful that he loves me, because I think this is the greatest gift he can give to his children – to love their mother. 🙂

My favorite part of today was just sitting with Jeff on Waiamanolo Beach in Oahu, watching the kids learn how to jump through the waves and boogie board and body surf for hours. Happy Father’s Day! I love you.

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