Day 44: My Mama’s Secret Sauce


Today I am thankful for my mama’s special, homemade, Italian spaghetti sauce with meatballs. When she was visiting last month, she made a big pot for us and froze some to enjoy another day. Today sure was another day and boy was I thankful not only to not have to cook, but also for the comfort food and joy from eating a bowl of her homemade cookin’. It’s so good, that I don’t want the food to end and I practically lick the bowl clean and am sad when it’s all gone. It’s THAT good. And only she can make it taste that way. I’ve tried to copy her recipe but I think she sprinkles something magical in it when I’m not looking and I cannot replicate it. 

And to top off the dinner outside on the patio, Jeff opened up a bottle of wine that Tricia gave us when she visited Italy several years ago. It was so delicious and made us think of her. We miss you, Yaya!!  The wine was delicious and was a nice end to a hectic day!


It was so nice to be spoiled by those we love, and they didn’t even know it! Thanks, Mama and Yaya!

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