Day 56 – It’s a Small World

“One Kindergarten concert. One pot of Thai curry cooking on the stove. One set of parents coming to town for One special promotion ceremony tomorrow for One lucky girl. One exhausted husband flying home late tonight. One busy day. One good life.” – My Facebook Status today says it all.


At dinner tonight, we went around the table sharing the best part of our day. We each took a turn and smiled and laughed and connected our stories. There were so many great parts to my day but the best part was going to April’s daughter’s kindergarten concert. Seeing how happy and proud she was made me remember all three of mine graduating from kindergarten. It made me realize how fast the time goes by. I enjoyed the innocence of little ones – watching them squirm around and annunciate the words to the songs, holding hands,waving and smiling. I loved seeing all the parents enjoy their children – taking pictures and capturing videos, feeling the same things I did, I’m sure.  I loved the community feeling in the room. I loved seeing the kindergarten teachers show off their success stories – the little butterflies flitting off to first grade… we all bloom and change and grow and say goodbye.  It’s all good.  Thanks lil’ J for inviting me to your special concert.  And thanks April & Steve for sharing your special family with me. I love you like my own!! xo

One thought on “Day 56 – It’s a Small World

  1. Thanks for coming to her concert! She was sooo excited to have you there!!

    and thanks for sharing your day, food, and family with us! Loved it!

    –A (aka, chopped liver… aka, dork 🙂

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