Day 63 – A little bit of this and a little bit of that


I’m not too busy! That’s my new motto. Today I found my newest card partner and I’m so excited! Playing cards is one of my favorite summer past-times and today we broke out the cards. Little does she know, she’s in for a challenge!  😉

Today I played tennis, talked with my new friend and expat consultant and gathered a few tips, cooked a savory family dinner that the kids loved, helped with math homework, took two kids to sports practice, and talked with an international moving consultant. I washed dishes and folded and put away laundry and decluttered the castle. I helped two new Stella & Dot Stylists and helped a Stella & Dot customer with her order. So that’s just a little bit of this and that from my non-busy day!  Now it’s time to go relax, and look… it’s not even midnight yet!!  Life is good!

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