Day 68: TGIF

Don’t you love Fridays?   It’s one of my favorite days of the week. Everyone is happy from finishing up the week and excited, anticipating the weekend.

Today I enjoyed C’s field trip to the Magic Garden. We walked and took the City Bus with 29 kids and several chaperones and his teacher. The kids had a great time touching and tasting and feeling and smelling all the wonders that surrounded them, including worms, nests, chickens, snails, nasturtiums, and fruiting mulberry bushes to name a few. 


Looking up at the underbelly of the shade tree – so pretty!


Have you ever seen an Almond Tree? 


These roses were beautiful climbing roses, but without much scent. The kids enjoyed walking through the gateway and into the magical garden. I liked it too.


Look… April and I actually got to hang out today! Thank goodness for field trips!!  🙂


From the city bus stop with the second graders, I walked half way back to school and then left the kids with the other chaperones so that I could run ahead to meet the school bus that was bringing J home from Science Camp. I was so excited to see her and have her back in my nest. I’m not ready to let her go, even though I know she’s growing up and I have to let out the leash a little more and more. It felt really good to reel her back in, close to me. We all missed her and our family dynamic was just not the same without her.  Now we just have to wait for Jeff to get back from London to have us all back together. I’m happy for him though, that he gets to spend time with his brother before heading home again.

And to finish off the day, we had a quick visit and dinner with Michele and the kids. We were all so tired that we made it an early night. She had this great little gadget on her counter that made us laugh and smile and maybe you will too.  In case you ever wonder, here’s a little Emergency Affirmation you can give yourself – when you press the smiley face, it plays a drum roll and tells you that you are amazing! Something everyone should hear at least once a day!!  Go ahead, press it! You are Amazing!! xo


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