Day 86 – Expect the Unexpected

Today didn’t go as planned. So what? You have to just roll with whatever comes your way and be ok anyway. I’ll share a couple highlights of the unexpected.

First, I wanted to workout in my garage before my tutor arrived and I was bummed when it didn’t happen. But the good thing is that I texted Miriam to see is she could play (I mean kick my butt in tennis, which she did) and we met up for a quick game before kid pickup. In the middle of our match, we got kicked off because the middle school PE classes had priority on the courts. So we changed plans again and walked to Starbucks for a cold drink. It was hot today and their new smoothies were pretty good. Not planned, but totally awesome.


Second thing that went wrong today is that the automatic door on my minivan (I dislike having a minivan even though it’s so practical!!) just broke and wouldn’t close at all. I was on my way to drop Char off at practice and then I was stuck! My command voice came out and instructed all 3 kids to band together and walk/bike/skate to practice and to stay together. They did it without trepidation. I realized then and there my kids were growing up into responsible and independent people and I felt proud. And then back to my frustration about what to do without a car!! Quickly I made three calls – first to the car dealer who instructed me to drive it to the dealer with the car door open anyway but without kids in the car within 45 minutes before they closed. Secondly, I interrupted my husband, to share my bad news. And finally, I called my neighbor, Kristin, who is usually taxing kids around town to see if I could hitch a ride home from the dealer. And Voila – problem solved… Just like that! I was home within an hour and before the kids came back from the park, like nothing happened. So what? I was nervous as heck driving the car down El Camino with my flashing lights on and people honking at me like I didn’t know my car door was open. I had that stupid grin on my face, a little embarrassed and a little bit scared. But it all worked out.

Strange how life works when you don’t over-react. I’m thankful for my neighbor and friend for helping me out. I’m thankful that my kids are growing up. And I’m hopeful that the repairs won’t cost a gazillion dollars! Life is good.

9 thoughts on “Day 86 – Expect the Unexpected

  1. I was wondering why the minivan was missing from the driveway when we went walking tonight. Hope its not too expensive a fix.

    • Me too! The cable was broken — you should have seen me driving down El Camino at 25 mph with hazard lights flashing. Ugh… I don’t know the cost yet, but they wanted $150 just to assess the damage.

  2. Oooooh… The image of you driving down ECR with the door open!! I’ve only got one word for that… Dork!! :). Xoxo’s

    • I’ll always be your Dork!

      And I had the big, dork, smile on my face with the windows wide open and the music really loud to mask the sound of the “eeeeeeeeeeeee” from the door is ajar sound!


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