Day 87 – School Applications


I’ve just spent the last three hours finishing up the second part of the application process to get our kids into a school in Holland. I feel like I’m getting practice for when the time comes to apply for colleges. This is seriously a difficult and challenging task. There isn’t a checklist and there are lots of separate pieces and parts to aggregate. And you need help from the outside, such as teachers and registrars and medical personnel. I’m thankful for everyone’s cooperation. Everything takes time and there are delays in the process. I’m just hoping I have everything they need and that we can decide this week. We kinda have to pick the school before we pick our house. Otherwise I might be home schooling them and that might be more than I bargained for in this adventure!

I admire all the moms, especially Marcia and Marcia and Lenka and Kerry, who have diligently helped their kids through this process and have helped their kids navigate to their university of choice. It must feel like a huge accomplishment. And thanks for the advice to help me just think about what will be in front of my eyes before I even blink!

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