Day 89 – Passport Renewals Today


I guess we’re really moving. We need to renew the kids’ passports before we go. They look so little in their old photos from four years ago and now seem so grownup.  The good news is that both parents need to be there for the appointment, so we get a family date to the Post Office!  Whoohoo!  Always something good in everything, right?  Do you have your passport updated because I know y’all will want to come for a visit, in 90+ days, right?  😉

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you have a great weekend.  xo

5 thoughts on “Day 89 – Passport Renewals Today

  1. Love the difference in the photos. Riley’s 18 months in hers, such a change from that to an almost 5 year old. We’ve said that we need to use them before they expire…maybe it should be to visit you!!

    • We would love it if you guys came for a visit. Isn’t it weird how seeing the picture in the passport makes you see how much they’ve changed and grown? Crazy to actually visualize it, right? I mean, we know it’s happening but then it’s right there in front of our eyes.

  2. Passport Hell Best Practices
    1. Read the fine print on the website.
    2. If you have more than one kid, book more than one appointment.
    3. If you have more than one kid, make multiple copies of your own ID – and they wanted our drivers’ licenses – front and back on a full piece of paper
    4. Bring your checkbook. And make sure you have several blank checks. You have to have one per person – how lame is that? And then a separate check for the photos and execution fees. No credit cards accepted. And bring a gazillion dollars because that’s what it costs.
    5. If you want to have it expedited, you have to go stand in another line (of hell) to buy a expedited stamp that costs $18.95. Then walk the sticky little bugger back to the dingy and dark passport office to hand to the nice lady.
    6. Be sure to have your kids’ birth certificates too. That’s what they want to keep and they’ll send them back with your new passports. Don’t worry, they won’t get lost in the mail, I hope!
    7. Bring things for your kids to do as they get very bored and like to tap on the desk, jump and down and ask if they can go yet over and over again.
    8. Bring your spouse and bring a beer for him/her to keep them calm. You both have to be there together to prove you are the lucky owners of your offspring.
    9. Don’t forget to breathe. You are working with the government and nothing is efficient nor fun here.
    10. Since you have to all be together, make a date out of the celebration when you get to leave and see the good in spending hours in the middle of the day at the Post Office.

    This has been a public service announcement. Namaste. aahhhh……

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