Day 90 – It’s Raining…So What?

It was raining a bit this morning so it was too wet to play my tennis
match, but just right for a hike.  Typically I would use the rain as
an excuse to hibernate, but not today.  Michele would have been so
disappointed if I wimped out. You see, she “made” me step out of my
comfort zone to hike in the rain once before, even before I knew we
were moving to Holland.  I would probably never have considered hiking
in the rain if it wasn’t for her.  Plus, I needed to see her because
we’ve both been so busy that I hadn’t seen my hiking friend since
before our Amsterdam visit.  So off we went, in the rain and had a
great non-stop chat and hike through Rancho San Antonio.  The trails
were pretty empty and we saw a wild male turkey preening for the
atention of three females.  Very cool. Thanks, Michele…  I loved
today with you and can’t wait to go again!! xo

2 thoughts on “Day 90 – It’s Raining…So What?

  1. I recognized that spot right away! I went on a run in the rain about a month ago. It was actually kind of fun! You are an active inspiration. : )

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