Day 93 – Happy Birthday, Friend!


Everyone should have a “wife”. By a wife, I mean someone to help you with the FLOW of raising kids, cleaning up after them, cooking and baking and feeding and entertaining, and solving every day little crises, watching one another’s kids on the playground or while running an errand or doctor’s appointment, and celebrating the highs and lows together. This is a great thing, and something I am going to miss more than I care to think about in 93 days.

Today’s HER birthday and she came over and helped ME fold laundry. What the heck?!?  What a great way to spend a birthday, right?  That is, after we spent an hour+ helping all our kids do homework and to share every last tidbit of the juicy pineapple we cut up for them.  But really, I think it was a great day. Actually I think when doing work and getting things done, and helping one another, whether it be my work or her work, I’m totally happy. I like taking care of our kids and helping each other so we don’t have to do it alone and the kids are happy to be playing with each other.  Thank you for MY birthday gift? Huh?

Granted, I should have been at HER house folding HER laundry, but then my little guy wouldn’t have had his baseball uniform picked out of my 10 basket-fulls in time for his early evening game. Isn’t that what friends are for? I’ll be over tomorrow to help you with YOURS. Happy Birthday, and thank you for being my friend and “wife”.  

3 thoughts on “Day 93 – Happy Birthday, Friend!

  1. Thank you for letting me have my low-key birthday, share your kids, share your pineapple, fold your laundry, and try on some of your laundry! It was a great day :). Xoxo’s “wife”!

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