Mind Space


I’m so thankful that school is back in session. I finally can think again without constant interruptions.

I am thankful for open mind space that is mine to fill. Now if I could only prioritize how to fill the gaps.

When you have more free time, what do you choose to do?

I always choose to exercise. I spend way too much time on Facebook. I tend to clean and organize my house when I have extra time, and I plan and cook dinners. I always think I’ll sit and read or work on my photo projects, but I typically never do that. Hmmm. I wonder why. Usually I’ll pick up my phone and check email, texts, Instagram, etc.

Today I was thankful for the 11,000 plus steps shared hiking with ML and chatting the entire way. It felt good to get out in the sunshine and exercise and be with my BFF!!

Did you get some free time to think for yourself today? I hope so!



Anger and Peace and Love



How can you be angry and still seek peace and love? Is that possible?

Today I got to practice. I still need more practice and I’m still learning, and I wish this practice was a little easier.  I don’t like conflict but who does and it happens all the time, sometimes on a small scale and sometimes quite big.

Today I was angry and sad and frustrated – you know all those negative feelings that erupt sometimes?  And as I was dealing with my anger and disappointment, I was still trying to practice holding it together, and to control my feelings, thoughts and words, and to still love the person standing in front of me and to see their goodness despite our disagreement.

What made me angry doesn’t matter – we all have our own issues, but how we handle our issues is what I’m practicing and that is what I wanted to share. I tend to share the happier moments of life, and I think it’s important to share the process of continuing to pursue happiness, even when it is challenging.  This week has been challenging.

Today I practiced being kind and firm while I held my position. I tried listening to the other person’s perspective and tried to understand their point of view, even though I felt the situation was unfair. I practiced taking deep breathes in the moment and felt my body relax a bit. I accepted the outcome, even though I didn’t agree. I feel that my voice was heard and that was important to me.  I was an advocate for my position and it was important for me to speak the truth, even though the truth created conflict, and the real truth was probably somewhere in between us.

I learned that even though we feel conflict and fight for what we believe is right, life is not always fair or just. And when we don’t have control and we’ve given our best, we have to make different choices and say amen, so be it, and deal with the consequences – whatever they may be, even if they are not what we may have wanted or chosen.  And let it go. Let it go. My theme for the year. Just let it go. Move on. Freedom.

Let the anger go. Let the frustration go. Let the control go.

Accept what is. And start again. 

And sometimes, we may be given gifts we weren’t expecting, and we might just have to wait to unwrap the hidden treasures. I already received several gifts just from this exchange and I am certain there will be more.  I will wait. I am sure you can relate.  We might have to wait, but the gifts are always there. Just maybe not the ones we had wished for. And that’s ok. 

Namaste and I wish you peace and I wish you well, especially to the person I had conflict with this week (who is not a part of my family.)  Bless your heart.



Back to School Highlights


The kids went back to school today and I was mostly happy.

I made breakfast burritos and lunches with love notes and got to take a few pictures before they left on their way.

We had a 7 am drop off, a 7:30 and 8:30 am. Jeff and I covered all three, and I was so thankful he was there to help.

It was great to see everyone and knowing that we have a great community.

The kids came home to cookies and ice cream for after school snacks and a planned yummy dinner from their request.


We have to work out a small kink tomorrow and hopefully then their schedules will be set and all will be well.

Charlie loved his new teacher and being with familiar friends. Juliana has some schedule changes to make and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Christian was happy with his classes and water polo practice. It’s going to be a fun and challenging year!

I got to go back to the “office” today after drop off. It was a lovely day on the court with Julie, Amanda and Linda. I was giddy being dressed and ready to play just as soon as the kids were settled and out with my friends again.

I hope you’re enjoying the last few days of summer!!

Wishing you all the best,

Anxiety and Back to School


You’d think I’d be excited for the kids to go back to school tomorrow, yet I’m filled with anxiety and mixed feelings.

Of course, I’m ready for my “vacation” to begin, as we’ve had a ton of togetherness these past ten weeks, yet I’m filled with a sense of loss and I always feel like this before a big change.

I start seriously nesting and feeling like I have to reorganize, sort and declutter and buy everything new. We bought new shoes for all three kids today for their first day tomorrow. I think it’s cute that they picked matching Vans.

Backpacks are filled and we’ve got special snacks for back to school filled lunch bags.

We started reading more and practicing Chemistry. Just a little more practice so they aren’t too rusty before returning to “work.”

New outfits have been laid out and we had a relatively quiet day, just spending the day together as a family before the mad dash at 6 am tomorrow morning.

I’m planning on making breakfast burritos when they wake up and take pictures before they head off.

And to fend off the anxiety, I got out a board game to play with the younger two before we ended the day. We had fun playing a couple rounds of Sequence.


I know all will be well and they will find their new ways, and hopefully their paths will be smooth with the right classes and good teachers and good friends. I will miss them being home as much as I’ll enjoy the quiet and fewer messes. It’s that yin and yang thing again and feeling of being conflicted. And so it goes.

God bless all the children and mamas and papas as they transition this week and always. Life is a series of transitions. We should be getting good at these!! :-). And thank you to all the teachers we trust to guide and teach our children everyday and the community that supports us along the way.

Have a good school year, everyone!


Full House


Tonight everyone is home again and I am happy.

I like when everyone is in my nest, safe and snug, doors locked, cozy in their beds and I can rest peacefully without worry.

Jeff was away on a business trip and Juliana was away at camp.

I have to say life was easier, slower and quieter with less laundry, demands and needs to be filled with 2 out of the 5 of us missing, but I felt incomplete.

I like my work. I like the humans I share space with and when they are gone, I really miss them. I am happy that they are back and we are complete again, all together in the same nest.

I know they will leave one day, but for now I appreciate our shared space and providing for their care and am content and thankful. Living in the moment, loving life and laughing out loud.



Being Part


We are parts of various communities. We have so much to give and so much to gain by sharing our gifts and talents and love.

We get to show up. We get to be together. We get to help one another and build friendships and bonds with those who are like us, doing what we’re doing, believing what we’re believing, playing what we’re playing, studying what we’re studying, etc.

The more we choose to show up, the more joy we create. Isn’t this a good thing?

Think about where you belong and what part you play. Are you being an active participant and contributing to the group’s benefit? We get out what we put in. Just sayin’

Whether you belong to a family, a school, a church or synagogue, a sporting team, or another group of two or more, the more you show up and participate, the more gratitude you will feel and the more happiness you will create.

I believe this to be true in most cases.

Today I felt a strong connection to our school community. There were more than 13 adults, and a handful of kids sorting and stacking all the relevant school papers for all the new and returning students this year and putting them into Manila envelopes. We had quite the assembly line. We worked together, while sharing stories of our summer vacations, about our kids and our excitement for school to be beginning again. Summer is a full time job for stay at home parents. It was nice to be back with my peers again.


I Am content to be part of such a healthy community of diverse friends, working together to support our kids and our school and learning environment.

I love this online community and the connections and stories and inspiration that comes from sharing every day, even in just this small way.

For the community of Ferguson, stand strong and work together with love and kindness. I wish you peace. We can change the world, one community at a time.

For the community of friends who loved Robin Williams and are feeling such a big gap and sadness, I wish you peace and understanding and love. Life is complicated and messy. Follow the light.